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Monday, 28 November 2011

Tantrums with Style

My wife went away last weekend for a well deserved break with the girls. That left me and my daughter on our own together. One supposedly responsible adult and one minor. This is the first time since she was a baby that I’ve been left on my own with her for an overnight but what could go wrong? Well thankfully nothing did go wrong if you ignore the dress sense I have for my child (luckily she has no ego to speak of that I am aware of). My wife was horrified to see what I had made the poor girl wear when she picked her up from creche yesterday afternoon on her return. She keeps telling me I have no sense of style so she only had herself to blame for the state of her child’s dress. As long as she’s dressed then she’s fine as far as I’m concerned. I don’t recognise style or fashion when I see it I’m afraid.

The notable event of the weekend was an absolutely epic tantrum. Not me mind but my daughter. I can have tantrums, they are rare but they do happen, but the style with which my daughter approached and carried hers out was to be admired. It all happened at feeding time. She just didn’t want to know. I tried every known trick in the book to get her to eat until eventually she just snapped. She was banging her fists on the table, her face went red and then she let out such an angry scream I almost took a step back. Our strategy for dealing with tantrums has always been to ignore them so that’s what I did. This continued for about a minute until eventually she stopped and we stared at each other. She had the good grace to smile at that point and the worst was over. She still wouldn’t eat for me but thankfully normal service resumed and all was well and we were friends again..

Are we hitting the terrible two’s 9 months early? If we are I hope she gets over it soon and the twos will be plain sailing. I suspect not.

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